Intelligence Receipting


1. Buy your Intelligence Receipting PoS.

2. Load your account.

3. Obtain your free Intelligence Receipting “Premises Sticker”

4. Fill Registration form.

5. Your account will be debited with service charge per receipt issued. NO OTHER FEE.

6. You get daily, weekly, monthly and annually cash collection/sale total on your mobile phone and email.

7. You can login on merchant link to view and print your business cash collection/sales anywhere you are in the world. Note: for Supermarkets/Stores in addition to above you –

8. Order for ordinary Product Tag/RF Tag or

9. FR deactivator and Detector (RF Tag users only).

Intelligence Receipting For Govt. & her AgenciesIntelligence Receipting For Local Govt.Intelligence Receipting For Private BusinessIntelligence Receipting For Supermarkets/Stores
Are You Government Parastatal, Ministry or agencies or do you issue any form of receipting? Custom, FIRS, Road Safety, Court, Hospital
We have a lot of scrupulous persons out there moving from shops to shops, business to business, on the roads, etc. claiming to be Local Government Officials collecting money and issuing fake receipts thereby frauding the public and denying your organization of money/revenue that would have enters your coffers. Even some dubious staffs get involved in this. And this is just because of the lapses conventional/manual receipting system has created.

Is high time you introduced a secured receipting system for the collections of your Motor Park Rate, Levies, Shops Rate, Trade Permit, Alcohol Permit, Business Permit, Truck/Pickup Permit, Signboard Permit etc. and you will have more revenue come into your coffers. By this, you will also help the public to pay their hard earned funds rightly and sanitize the public.

Do you run a School, Hotel, or any sort of cash/cheque collecting business? Or credit sales? It will be more beneficial to you and your business to use/introduce Intelligence Receipting System and STOP conventional/manual receipting system. This makes your income secured, it eliminates all radicals from receipting.

If you are a Hotel owner, them, this is the right receipting system for you.


Do you own a supermarket or store or any other type of cash/non cash trading unit? Do you have them across places and states so that you cannot be present at all of those places? Do you know there have been revenue leakages? Them, Intelligence Receipting is your best bet. It will tell you wherever you are in the world how much cash and or sales that has been collected or made in your supermarket, stores or in all those places daily, weekly, monthly, annually or even hourly as you want it independent of your staff.

Also, with Intelligence Receipting, you do not have to be punching calculator again adding up single customer numerous purchases, there are times error in this process. Purchases add up automatically!

So many other features with Intelligence  Receipting!!!

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