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What Is Intelligence Receipting

Intelligence Receipting, also known as on-demand receipting, is a 21st century electronic receipting system that dynamically allocates and issue non-organization electronically configured server based receipt per demand via PoS with a counterfeit proof capability.

Though its looks as if is the normal PoS receipt operation but different. It has reporting system; it has online viewing of receipts report/collection that allows management/business owners who is not on ground to know, monitor cash collected independently of cashier/agent report; Automated Receipts Reporting to Owners/management; etc.

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What is Coventional/Manual Receipting?

Conventional/Manual Receipting System is an organizational based conventional preprinted receipt booklets or computer based receipt issuing system which negate the or makes impracticable principle of separation of duty of internal Control of cash collection and receipt issuing independent of the cash collector/cashier and has lacks counterfeit proof capability.

That is, the same person that collects the cash is the same person that issue receipt for the cash collected. This means, management and control of receipting/cash in a single hand – the cashier! And this has been the very reason for cash/sales theft by staff/cashier, reason for teeming and lading, parallel receipting by staff, window dressing of stocks, etc.




- Selling without need of calculator.

- Free from stress of punching calculator.

- Having accurate sales caption without error.

- Avoiding long queue of customers by reason of manual calculation of items bought.

- Determine/know your accurate stock balance independently anywhere in the world without your staff/agent telling you.

- Know and see cash received and sales made independently anywhere in the world without your staff/agent telling you.

- Stop teeming and lading by staff/agent.

- Stop parallel receipt practice by staff/agent.

- Deploy counterfeit proof capability receipting system to safeguard your income.

- Deploy internal control of separation of duty between your cashier/agent and receipting.

- Electronic receipting.

- Electronically organized, prepare and generate you receipt/sales schedule/total daily, weekly, monthly and annually to your email and mobile number.

- Stop cash sales diversion by staff/agent into personal wallet.

- Stop all other cash related irregularities, etc.

- Value-added services - Stop shop pilfering.

Advantages of Intelligence Receipting

1. It electronically automates cash receipt such that the cashier/revenue collectors do not have self-control over money collected thereby all receipts come into government/owner’s coffers.

2. The system automatically reports/text cash/revenue receipted to the Governor/Local Govt. Chairman/Owner or any authorized offices daily/weekly/monthly/annually without human intervention.

3. It deterred or eradicate “Fake Receipt” practice because the public can independently verified receipts given to them independent of the issuer or the issuer system.

4. It electronically captures receipts/income and report Real-time.

5. Because receipt issued can be verified, it eliminates radicals or unscrupulous persons from impersonating one’s organization/one’s organization receipt thereby receipting to the public or potential customers.

6. Stop parallel receipt practice by staff/agent.

7. Stop cash receipts diversion by staff/agent into personal wallet.

8. Less filling storage is needed for receipt duplicate copy. Also, with Intelligence Receipting, the era of searching for receipt booklet or filed duplicate copy is gone.

9. Takes receipt management from the hands of issuers – cashiers, revenue collectors, etc. into the hands of management and owners. This is an internal control of separation of duty between your cashier/agent and receipting.

10. No need to spend money or tired funds down on preprinted receipt booklet. Etc.