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Intelligence Receipting, also known as on-demand receipting, is a 21st century electronic receipting system that dynamically allocates and issue non-organization electronically configured server based receipt per demand via PoS with a counterfeit proof capability.

Though its looks as if is the normal PoS receipt operation but different.

It has reporting system; it has online viewing of receipts report/collection that allows management/business owners who is not on ground on business premises to know and monitor cash collected independently of cashier/agent report; Automated Receipts Reporting to Owners/management; etc.
  1. Buy your Intelligence Receipting PoS.
  2. Load your account.
  3. Obtain your free Intelligence Receipting “Premises Sticker”
  4. Fill Registration form.
  5. Your account will be debited ₦5.00 per receipt issued. NO OTHER FEE.
  6. You get daily, weekly, monthly and annually cash collection/sale total on your mobile phone and email.
  7. You can login on merchant link to view and print your business cash collection/sales anywhere you are in the world.

I have a private school that runs in Lagos but I reside in Delta State. Since we change to Intelligence Receipting, Parents that pays their children school fees by cash are able to verify the genuineness of the receipt issue to them by text messages, my receipts are now secured, no more teeming and lading of my money and I am able to see and know how much cash was collected real-time anywhere I am without the cashier telling me: THANKS TO INTELLIGENCE RECEIPTING

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Goverment & Her Agencies

Goverment & Her Agencies

FIRS, General Hospital Card Payment, Payment Court, ROAD Safety, V.I.O.,

Local Government

Local Government

We have a lot of scrupulous persons out there moving from shops to shops, business to business, on the roads, etc.



Do you run a School, Hotel, or any sort of cash/cheque collecting business? Or credit sales? It will be more beneficial to

Supermarkets & Stores

Supermarkets & Stores

Intelligence Receipting is your best bet. It will tell you wherever you are in the world cash/or sales collected or made in your

21st Century Solution for Unsecured Receipting & Revenue is INTELLIGENCE RECEIPTING